Guidebooks are great - but usually written for luxury, adventure, or business travelers. We aim to give families practical tips on getting ready, getting around, and understanding East Asian culture. Some of the content you'll find here includes:


Airport Guides

Even for experienced flyers, an Asian voyage may take you through new airports and new airlines. And traveling with kids is definitely a different situation than flying for business. Look in this section for layouts, preview photos, family-friendly amenities and secret tips for a more enjoyable experience.

Airport Guides - North America

Airport Guides - Asia

Mosquito Safety

Mosquitoes are a fact of life in most parts of the world, but the shocking spread of the Zika virus has reminded travelers of the need to manage their exposure on the road. This article discusses the mosquito-borne diseases in East Asia and gives an overview of how to minimize travel risks.

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Book and Media Reviews

As books, games, media, and events relevant to understanding Chinese and East Asian culture, learning the languages, and raising multicultural children are released, we'll review them in blog form in this section.

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