It started with a dream of becoming parents.

That dream took us halfway around the world. And instead of slowing down, we ended up traveling even more - to give our daughter the world.

Who are we?

We are a husband-and-wife team from Minnesota, who adopted our daughter in June 2007.  The adoption trip to China changed our lives, of course, but what we didn’t expect was just how much we enjoyed the whole experience.  As our daughter grows up, we've already taken her to Asia several times, as well as various cities in North America with significant Asian districts. And we plan on going back again and again to visit new places, reconnect with the culture, and help our child understand more about where she comes from.

Even though we had a great time, we encountered situations we wished we had been told about beforehand.  Some things were minor annoyances, some were simply awkward, but none were disasters.  We also came across wonderful situations that other families we traveled with missed out on, either because they were dealing with their own minor snafus or were simply not paying attention to the right thing at the right time.

As we talked with the other parents during our trip, and connected again now that we’ve all been home for a while, each family had its own stories – a problem with a hotel room, discovering obsolete information in a guidebook, having a great dinner at a little restaurant around the corner, dealing with the heat, trying to purchase something in a shop – where they expressed the same idea of “we wish we had more knowledge about this before we got on the airplane.”

The blog we kept during our travels received a great response, and still picks up traffic from interested families.  A panel discussion we were on at our agency for prospective parents also went well.  As we kicked around the idea of creating a resource for parents about to travel, we received enthusiastic responses.

So we’ve decided to set this website up to collect the experiences and advice of fellow travelers, those who’ve traveled for adoption, and those who’ve lived in China. Their stories and ours, and hopefully yours, are all incorporated in the entries you’ll see here. As the number of foreign adoptions have fallen off, we've adjusted the mix of articles on weninchina to appeal more broadly to "family travel" in general, and to expand our coverage to East Asia - in particular, Greater China, Japan, Korea, and Singapore.

We also look at Asian communities in North America because they're wonderful cross-cultural places to learn and try new experiences, without a 12-hour plane trip. 

Where are we?

Twitter - our preferred communication channel, many updates every day. Check us out or DM us at @weninchina.

Blogspot - occasionally updated...

Facebook - Several updates per day of interesting travel and culture from East Asia:

Pinterest - Dozens and dozens of boards! Places we've been, places we want to go, food, culture, and other neat stuff, new pins daily:

Instagram - Trying it out.

YouTube - A few videos on our channel. Wish we had a bigger travel budget and a better camera setup!

Flickr - I should contribute more:

Email - the first iteration of this site had its email accounts spoofed, so to prevent that from happening, we won't be posting addresses. Talk with us through Twitter!

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